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I like jokes, music, and coffee. Sometimes I write stuff. This is where I vent to process my feelings. I like cake far to much. I'm also a Allergy Free foodie, but not by choice. I support sarcasm and keeping it real.
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I’m in a constant tug of war between wanting to be career oriented and wanting to be healthy and happy. I can’t have both. However….money. But then there is Health. I’m type A. It’s difficult to learn to navigate when options are just not there.

I need to start my own business.

1. My friend is gone. Funeral was beautiful. I don’t know how to do this
2. I can’t stop looking at my new furniture.
3. Been trying to cook everyday so that my stomach and endless other painful muscles subside, it’s been working. Also, Nebraska fall does wonders for my pain level
4. What am I going to do with my life? Ugh.
5. My sleep schedule is beyond fucked up. I give up trying
6. I feel heavy. I wanted to feel lighter.
7. I am wondering how the mister is doing with the transition and although we discuss it a lot, I wonder if he’s OK.
8. I would be a lot happier if I just let stuff go.

I had a good friend pass away tonight and I’m numb. Denial or something. You guys, it’s been a really emotional month and even though I’m still in my “holy shit I’m home” happy mode..that bubble may have just been popped.

God Damn it! I just want to sleep and not roll over and have my stomach flip flop with flooding thoughts of her.

It’s almost 7AM…. I’m just gonna grab some wine, I mean coffee? Maybe both.
I don’t know what I’m doing.

My heart breaks tonight. Loss is the one thing that never makes sense. #rip #ilovedhersomuch #talked2daysago

I’m sooooooooooo sick of being tired.

My two favorite people. #mom #hubby

This Beauty. @nattiepatts

This Baby Doll on my left turns 19 today AND she is still this bright, funny, caring ray of sunshine in my life as she was in this photo. Happy Birthday Miss Kelsey. @kelsey_hillman
You make me proud every day! HAVE FUN TODAY!!!!

Mug Shot Monday! New House, New Job, New Omaha!!!

Packing is so fucking tedious. I totally hate it. However I totally purged my clothes this week like a HUGE purge. It feels really good.

I keep wondering is the Mister is excited or nervous about the move.

Our house is SO pretty. I can’t wait!

The awesome thing about moving home is my mother helping me unpack.

I will miss all the awesome places in DC but not the people or traffic.

I honestly can’t wait to live in Omaha again because my people are there and it is so fun because of them. I’m excited for The Mister to enjoy this with me.

I’m not happy with the weight I’ve put on. I look gross.

Yesterday I was in a panic. Today I’m excited. Happy is a feeling I’ve forgotten until today.