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I like jokes, music, and coffee. Sometimes I write stuff. This is where I vent to process my feelings. I like cake far to much. I'm also a Allergy Free foodie, but not by choice. I support sarcasm and keeping it real.
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I took a ride on the depression train for way too long. It’s odd because I’m happy with everything but myself. I was depressed because of myself. THAT was a struggle for me. Big time. Now I’m doing better. The trip home helped, this week I feel particularly motivated.

I have decided to finish school and concentrate on the things I love. We’ve been blessed this year so I have the ability to fully concentrate on school and writing again. How awesome right? I feel a little lighter inside.

I’ve been cooking a lot lately to get my food allergies etc. back in line. It has been very cool. I missed it.

I woke up at 3. No idea why I’m still wide awake however I’m assuming I just didn’t need the sleep. It’s been nice to just read Tumblr.

I am coming off (very slowly) of all my meds. Oddly I’m looking forward to this. I have to in order to procreate obviously! :)

I’m still searching for topics to write about that I actually have an opinion on that is not about health. Turns out it is hard to find one.

Obligatory Wine Before Boarding my plane back to DC Post.


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1. My birthday is in two days on the 21st. If you ask me how old I will be I will punch you in the face.

2. I’ve been in so much pain for so long that I am considering asking a doctor for medical marijuana. I am just so tired of this. So very tired.

3. Best friend of 15 years still has not contacted me to talk. Wow. It’s been a month.

4. I need a part-time job or work from home job very badly even though I can’t go to work right now. I am so bored. Even books seem boring. My brain needs tasks.

5. I am going home to visit for 10 days on the 25th. I’m not as excited as I should be.

6. I can’t tell if I’m hungry for pizza cupcakes Chinese food or a salad. It’s been very confusing today.

This is my “I’m sick of being stuck in bed” face. I can’t win.

This is my “I’m sick of being stuck in bed” face. I can’t win.

This cyst on my uterus is going to kill me.

Hello! #mykids

My whole heart belongs to them.

Just fuck this. Just fuck it.
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