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I like jokes, music, and coffee. Sometimes I write stuff. This is where I vent to process my feelings. I like cake far to much. I'm also a Allergy Free foodie, but not by choice. I support sarcasm and keeping it real.
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My dad is in a hospital that is not in Omaha because he was traveling alone. I’m go in there in the morning so I can help him and get him back home. He is going to be OK but this has been very scary for me. It’s like an odd wake up call….

This month has been filled with tragedy for a lot of people and tonight I’m not able to cope. I’d do anything for a deep breath right now.

True Love


Fun in the Sun.

I’ve been asleep forever today and now it’s tomorrow so going back to sleep again is totally justified.

I have no fucking clue why I’m so sleepy.

Being Sensible or realistic is not suiting me right now. Instead I need to be uncharacteristically mellow dramatic and throw tantrums like a 4 year old.

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Sometimes the only thing left to say is fuck you.

I’m going to rock this nap out!

It amazes me every day that people actually do like 7 million things in 12 hours and then go to sleep, wake up, shower and do it all over again.

I’m lucky if I change out of 1 pair of pajamas into another and cook meals.

The title has nothing to do with anything besides me feeling fucking awesome mentally right now.

Holy Shit! Did you guys know that is someone loves you unconditionally you can yell at them when you are seriously worried about your mom and they still love you the next day?!

Goals. Boobs Tender. Super sleepy. Cross fingers.

My dogs are cuter than your dogs. Stop trying!

Who gives a shit if my credit sucks I honestly feel like a score that follows you around for life is the definition of what is wrong with everything. You want to judge me on my ACT score from 20 years ago also? Let’s try to stay current shall we?

FOOD. I need so much food.

Farmers Market Tomatoes

I’m off my meds. :) it’s nice sometimes.