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I like jokes, music, and coffee. Sometimes I write stuff. This is where I vent to process my feelings. I like cake far to much. I'm also a Allergy Free foodie, but not by choice. I support sarcasm and keeping it real.
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Obligatory Wine Before Boarding my plane back to DC Post.


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1. My birthday is in two days on the 21st. If you ask me how old I will be I will punch you in the face.

2. I’ve been in so much pain for so long that I am considering asking a doctor for medical marijuana. I am just so tired of this. So very tired.

3. Best friend of 15 years still has not contacted me to talk. Wow. It’s been a month.

4. I need a part-time job or work from home job very badly even though I can’t go to work right now. I am so bored. Even books seem boring. My brain needs tasks.

5. I am going home to visit for 10 days on the 25th. I’m not as excited as I should be.

6. I can’t tell if I’m hungry for pizza cupcakes Chinese food or a salad. It’s been very confusing today.

This is my “I’m sick of being stuck in bed” face. I can’t win.

This is my “I’m sick of being stuck in bed” face. I can’t win.

This cyst on my uterus is going to kill me.

Hello! #mykids

My whole heart belongs to them.

Just fuck this. Just fuck it.
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I’m really into house of cards right now. I guess that goes along with everyone else in the whole world. But I notice things on that show. The way Claire takes off her shoes at night when she sits down on the bed is sexy. The way she touches his tie his shoulders his face is sexy. We always talk about how we’ve lost gentleman in society. I think we’ve lost ladies as well. I was never taught that pantyhose and black underwear were sexy. I was never taught that wearing heels was important to men. I was never taught how to appropriately brush the hair away from my neckline so that a man could unzip my dress. Why do I not know these things?
I was never taught that leaving a man wanting more was sexier than just giving it to him all at one time. I was never taught that men treasure the moments that you’re taking off your heels, taking off your earrings or dabbing on your perfume. I was taught that lingerie is meant for special occasions but dressing appropriately in bed every night was not meant for always. A soft pretty nightgown a robe that feels like silk I never knew that those things were important to men’s senses. And most importantly I was never taught how to choose my own battles and still be sexy and strong to my man. Now that I am married I wonder should I do this? should I change this? should I let my man have this because he truly is a gentleman. is this simply a tradition that is no more? Do I continue wearing men’s boxers and T-shirts to bed, shave my legs once every other week and wear flats because they are more comfortable for me or do I give him these things that real gentleman find attractive? Maybe chivalry isn’t dead maybe just maybe it took a long pause for our generation to remember and recall? Or maybe I’m writing about nothing and it takes too much work in this new society we live in because as women we are too tired to do this for our men. we don’t feel like we need to because we are working and raising children and cooking and cleaning.

The only thing I do know about this is that if I can teach my daughter how to balance all of these things I certainly would want to because I believe that if your man is truly a gentleman he deserves this and honestly so do you. Sex and romance and respect play a huge role in making a relationship work. But so does lust and power. We all know that. But if I can demonstrate just a portion of this to the next generation so that their relationships can build and be stronger even for just the simple things… You can bet your bottom dollar I will try.

Maybe I need to buy some dresses with a zipper and learn how to tie his tie….. Just saying. ;)